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My first PowerShell ISE Add-In

All hail the mighty PowerShell!

There are a myriad of things you can do with the PowerShell. With it's .NET functionalities and paired with great cmdlets you do not need to develop type-safe scripts. There is virtually nothing to worry about, since all variables, if not cast into a specific type, absorb the type of the object saved to the variable. Cmdlets like Where-Object, Select-Object, Format-Table and the allmighty Get-Member make script developement fun.

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Microsoft Server: Remotely delete certificate for users

So you want to delete a user's certificate? "But it's so cumbersome!" you say? Rubbish, I answer! It actually is pretty much a one liner, depending on your screen resolution of course... As I could not find a useful and simple script doing what I wanted on the entire internet (i.e. the first two pages of my Google results) I whipped out the old Powershell and started typing. The result may be used by you in whatever way you deem fit.
"Microsoft Server: Remotely delete certificate for users" vollständig lesen